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Providing a low cost equity alternative

Direct Lender with a National Presence

Efficient Financing for Energy Efficiency

PACE Loan Group – A Leading Commercial PACE Lender

Mezzanine and Equity Alternative

Long Term and Fixed Rate

Cash Flow Accretive

Promote Energy Efficiency

Building a Capital Stack with PACE:

Reduces Equity/Mezz

Providing a long term, fixed rate payback period.

Lowers Cost of Funds

PACE is originated at a fraction of the cost of mezz and/or equity.

Pass Through Expense

PACE is structured as a tax payment and can be passed through as an operating expense on net leases.

Cash Flow Positive

Reduced utilities and operating expenses often outweighs the increased property tax.

Promotes Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Facilitates energy efficient/renewable energy projects which may otherwise be cost prohibitive.

PACE Eligible Improvements:

Building envelope (insulation, glazing, windows)

Boilers, chillers, and furnaces

Automated building controls

Combined heat and power systems

Variable speed drives on motors, pumps and fans

Roof replacement in conjunction with other upgrades

High efficiency lighting

Solar power

HVAC upgrades and efficiencies

Hot water heating systems and upgrades

Water conservation measures

Vehicle charging stations

On-site energy storage

Wind energy