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DEbstreet podcast | may 1, 2024

DebtStreet Podcast: Rafi discusses the benefits of C-PACE financing

Rafi Golberstein, the founder of Pace Loan Group, discusses the benefits and practical deployment of C-PACE financing.

Education and awareness of C-PACE financing have increased, with owners and developers now demanding it as part of their financing packages.
Retroactive PACE financing allows developers to tap into PACE credits for projects completed in the past three years, providing liquidity and helping with refinancing.

Rafi shares his background in commercial real estate finance and explains how he decided to start PACE Loan Group. Rafi highlights the unique features of C-PACE financing, such as long-term fixed-rate terms and self-amortization. He also discusses the early wins and successes of PACE Loan Group and the factors that differentiate them from their competitors. Rafi emphasizes the importance of education and awareness in the C-PACE lending industry and shares his future goals for the company. He concludes by explaining the process and benefits of retroactive PACE financing and the geographical coverage of PACE Loan Group.

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