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A creative way to finance your next commercial real estate project

By Rafi Golberstein

PACE Loan Group make complicated financing structures easier for commercial real estate developers and owners, helping them capitalize on their renovations, new construction, or conversion projects.

C-PACE can be utilized to retroactively pay off construction financing that covers energy and water improvements. By looking back to previous improvements, borrowers can reduce cost of capital, improve cash flow, and cover cost overages with retroactive C-PACE.

What can C-PACE loans be used for?
1.  HVAC systems and controls
2. Lighting and electrical upgrades
3. Water efficiency installations
4. Renewable energy systems
5. Upgrades to insulation and building envelope  coverage
6. Soft costs associated with any or all of the above 

Why choose C-PACE loans?
1.  No Significant Upfront Costs
2. Attainable Standards
3. Maintain Your Business’s Essential Cash Flow

Let PLG work hand-in-hand with you to craft the perfect financing solution tailored to your unique needs. Get a quote in just a few minutes.

See if C-PACE works for your project. 

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